How to track your cat.

Come on, be truthful. You're dying to know what your cat does when you're not around.

In 2008, when our quest began, it was very difficult to find any GPS trackers that were sized for cats. Luckily we came upon the cat tracking designs of Jurgen Perthold, who was curious about the escapades of his own cat, Mr. Lee. We used both his GPS unit and his CatCam, with great results. We hope you'll check out his products.

Here's an article on Mr. Perthold. And a very short PBS documentary!

Since our own adventure, tracking technology has come a long way. The devices have gotten smaller, better, and cheaper. Here’s some information we’ve dug up for you:

Cat Trackers

The Mr. Lee Cat Tracker (This is an updated version of what we used on Tibia. It uses GPS, like ours, but you can track your cat live!)
The Tagg for cats
The Pawtrack GPS Another option to track your cat live by GPS.
The Loc8tor This is a homing beacon, not a GPS unit. Leads you directly to your lost cat!

Cat Cameras

The CatCam (this is an updated version of what we used on Tibia)

(BEWARE: Digital Camera PETS Eye View: We tried this camera on Tibia. It wasn’t waterproof, and it broke right away! Also sold as Uncle Milton’s Pets Eye View. Avoid!!!)

Cat Video Cameras

Mr. Lee's Video Cam We used this on Tibia, but the video technology was rudimentary at the time. However, this may be an updated, better version.
Eyenimal They make a video camera small enough for cats.
Muvi This is not specifically built for a cat, but it’s small enough to work well, if you can figure out how to attach it to the collar.


Yes, drones aren’t just for warfare anymore. Now you can spy on your cat from the bird’s perspective! The one we bought has a built in camera and can be controlled from your smart phone:
Parrot 2.0 Drone

In-House Surveillance

Set up a camera in your house and watch your cats play from the comfort of your office. You can even talk to them, if you’d like (spooky, right?). There are lots of options, but this is the one we have used: