Forget the discord between Democrats and Republicans. Between the Red Sox and the Cardinals. Between Kim Kardashian and … whoever. It’s the indoor vs. outdoor cat argument that is tearing this country apart. Watch the Great Debate, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vKZtbGOuAA



Harley the cat was discovered in the engine compartment of a car after travelling 17 miles from Barnhill, in Broughty Ferry, to Forfar. The house cat had crawled under the bonnet of the car after falling from a window and being chased under the vehicle by a dog. The startled driver only discovered the hiding moggy when he stopped at Kirkcriggs Court in Forfar.

Officers from animal charity Scottish SPCCA were called out and immediately took the lost cat into their care at their centre in Petterden. Amazingly, the black long-haired animal survived her journey without serious injuries and was reunited with her thrilled owner Michelle Robertson yesterday (Tuesday). Her Barnhill owner also donated £40 to the Scottish SPCA for taking good care of her beloved pet.

Lesley Clark, acting manager of the Scottish SPCA’s Petterden-based centre, said: “We understand that Harley is a house cat who fell from a window and was then chased by a dog under a car. “It seems that Harley climbed up under the bonnet of the car and then travelled to Kirkriggs Court in Forfar where she was discovered by the driver who immediately called us for help.

“Our Senior Inspector Mark Lumgair found Harley with her feet on the ground but her head trapped in the engine area of the car so it looks as though she had tried to climb down when the car stopped and became stuck. Thankfully Mark managed to crawl under the car and gently remove her. Amazingly Harley survived with only a minor injury to her claw and we were delighted to reunite her with family safe and well.”

The Missing Cats in Scotland group had issued a public appeal in a bid to trace the owners of the mystery moggy. The Barnhill pet isn’t the first daredevil cat to hide under the bonnet of a car on a long journey. Last year mechanics in Kirkcaldy called in the Scottish SPCA after discovering a female tabby cat curled up in the engine of a car that had just arrived to be repaired. A man drove his Vauxhall Corsa 18 miles to the garage, via the M90, with no knowledge that the frightened feline was under the bonnet.


Bosco, who ambled 6 miles, by Pauline

I moved to Austin, Texas with my cats and for the first few months kept them inside to adjust them to their new home. Slowly I started letting them out, but not at night because I had great respect for the rumored coyotes. One afternoon, Bosco wanted to go outside. The sun was still high, so I thought no problem. Then he didn’t come back. Oh my gosh, I was so upset. I did everything I could think of – put up posters, walked around the neighborhood calling his name, entered a listing at lostandfound.com, visited the animal shelter, prayed coyotes hadn’t gotten him. Two and a half months later I went back online to once again peruse lostandfound.com listings. To my astonishment, there he was! He had been found 6 miles away by folks feeding strays in the back of their business. At first, the people didn’t believe he was my cat (because he is so cool they wanted to keep him!) But I sent them a picture that I had, and that was hard evidence. I got Bosco back, and sent those folks a gift certificate (one hint – make sure you have a pic of your cat before you lose it! It was a great difference maker for me.)


Kruger the Cat, by Cindy

Kruger was 5 years old when I moved from the trailer park to the new house. He had been king of the trailer park and now I didn’t want to let him outside. He hated the ceilng fans, so I gave in and let him after three weeks. Then he didn’t come back. I  looked  for him everyday, even went daily to the trailer park. 

Two years later while driving home I saw this cat that looked just like Kruger so I called his name and he turned and looked at me. The next day I walked down to the end of the street and told the lady that I’d seen my cat in her driveway. She said he’s been here almost two years, that he just showed up one day. I called him and he came and started loving on my legs. But he didn’t seem to want to come home. For the next two weeks  l thought about what was best for him, not me. So I let him stay. The lady takes good care of him and I get to visit. When I ride by he always turns  his head and looks at me. He knows the sound of my truck. I still miss him, though.


Salem, found at fire, by firefighter owner

WHEN British firefighter Dave Thompson’s cat Salem went missing, he and his worried wife Jan launched a massive search and poster blitz to no avail.But now they have been re-united with Salem after Dave went to tackle a garage fire about half a mile from his home – and found the black cat standing in the street.

“As we were leaving, I saw two cats in the street and realised one of them was Salem. He didn’t want me to pick him up - I was black from the smoke of the fire and I don’t think he recognised me. We got him in the fire engine and went round to my house and handed him to my wife. She was hysterical – overjoyed. She was in tears to have him back. He’s a rescue cat we got from Blue Cross when he was about two months old.”


Porsche the cat finds home, six months after Hurricane Sandy, as summarized from the Daily Mail Online

Uranie Roberts only has one way to describe it.”It’s a miracle,” she said. Lost for half a year, her beloved pet cat “Porsche” somehow found his way home. Last November, Roberts and her family, including Porsche, had to be evacuated by boat from their home in the Chadwick Beach Island section of Toms River after Superstorm Sandy hit the area. The family temporarily relocated to a relative’s home. While there, Porsche went missing.

“He got out of the house and that was the last we saw of him,” said Carol Baumann, Uranie’s daughter. Baumann believed Porsche was gone for good. Then on Wednesday she heard a meowing coming from the back deck of their Toms River home. When she walked towards it, she saw something she never thought she would see again. “I saw the green eyes and I said, ‘My God in heaven, it’s Porsche!’” said Baumann.

Somehow the cat managed to travel eight miles through storm destruction, traffic and even over a bridge to get back to his original home.

“It’s just amazing how he found his way home,” said Baumann. “I wish he could talk.”


Don’t Believe the Old Lost Cat Ruse

Police said Jason Wesley Dummitt, 32, and Chelsea Lynn Eshom, 23, tried to forcibly enter a home in the 300 block of East Lehi Road, Mesa. A woman was inside the home at the time.

Responding officers found Dummitt and Eshom along the side yard of the house, behind the fence, according to a court document, which also said officers found a screwdriver wrapped in latex gloves in Dummitt’s pocket.

Dummitt and Eshom told officers their cat jumped out of their vehicle when they stopped to go yard sale shopping, the document said, and that their cat had ran into the backyard of the home and they were attempting to get it back. Eshom tried to further convince police of this alibi by grabbing a cat who was in the yard. The cat clawed free of Eshom and wouldn’t come when she called it, despite her assertion that she’d had the cat for nine years

A family member confirmed the cat belonged to the woman inside the house, not Eshom, police said.


well, sometimes we love our cats so much we just have to show them off.


Because we recognize that we all want to be like cats:

Floyde the Cat-Dog, by Melanie

Floyde isn’t a cat but she sort of acts like one and sometimes we call her kitten. It’s the way she nestles into our feet, makes a noise that is almost a meow and loves to roll on her back and squirm around. She is our cat-dog. One day she went missing when she was out with a friend for a walk at a state park. We combed the park, combed the neighborhoods, visited ten shelters and the SPCA, but nothing turned up. Three days passed. None of us could sleep. Half a day later, we got a call from our Craig’s List ad. A Dad who lived 45 miles away had found a pug sunbathing on his lawn, upside down. I asked if she was a she and he said, “Definitely.” It was now after midnight. The man wanted to wait until the next morning to meet but I talked him into a rendezvous that night in a gas station near the exit ramp close to his home. He asked me to bring a photo of her in our house so that he could be sure I was the true owner. I grabbed a photo and took off down the freeway. When he pulled up, it was easy to see that it was our Floyde looking sleepily out of the van’s window, wondering where she was. Our cat-dog. The man who found her was very dear. Refused the reward. But I made him take it. He had a good heart. After all, he met me at 1 am. And he had been kind to a stray dog, feeding her, playing with her, loving her, finding me. You can’t beat that.


Well, finders keepers.